26 illegal gambling houses closed in Moscow in the first half of 2021

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According to the press service of the Moscow Department, in the first half of the current 2021, 26 illegally operating gambling establishments were identified and closed in Moscow. Also, specific equipment was seized in the amount of more than seven hundred units. Shadow gambling facilities were located in private Moscow apartments at various addresses in the city. It should be noted that the total number of inspections to identify and eliminate illegal gambling business, in the form of so-called “test purchases” exceeded 1.2 thousand. Recall that in Russia there is an active fight against shadow gambling, as part of these events, several financial organizations were deprived of their licenses, one of the latest incidents was the closure of RNKO Narat due to involvement in prohibited transfers. It should be noted that the State Duma of Russia adopted a law on the out-of-court blocking of sites suspected of involvement in prohibited gambling.

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