888poker introduces new poker game

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Poker room 888poker has introduced a new format of the most popular gambling card game in the world. The previously announced Pick’em8 project appeared in the site’s lobby, more reminiscent of playing in an online casino. According to the developers, the main feature of the format is the speed of the game and its entertaining nature.

At the gaming table, players are invited to choose 2 pocket cards from 8 open ones. The decision must be made within 30 seconds, after which the system automatically offers two cards from the set to undecided participants. Then 5 cards appear on the table, which are involved in making combinations. The strongest hand takes away the prize pool, the size of which depends on the number of players in the draw. Currently available buy-ins for Pick’em8 are 25 cents and $1, but higher limits are expected to be offered in the future.
In fact, 888poker has developed an online multiplayer poker game that is similar in nature to entertainment in virtual gambling establishments. Simplified options are present in the portfolio of some gaming companies specializing in creating video slots. Among poker rooms, a similar format already exists at PokerStars. However, The Deal project involves one player, and StarsCoins are used as money. According to experts, 888poker is using a new format to attract recreational players to the site in the face of declining user interest in the poker room. In November 2018, PokerStars introduced its own variation of poker called Fusion, which combines elements of Texas Hold ’em and Pot Limit Omaha. User feedback criticized the developers for moving towards the simplification of the game and the promotion of poker, which is typical for online casinos.

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