A driver from Yekaterinburg became the owner of 500 million rubles from Russian Lotto

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The identity of one of the two winners of the Russian Lotto New Year’s draw, in which 1 billion rubles was played, has become known. Nikolai Miroshnichenko, a driver from Yekaterinburg, became the owner of a big win. According to the lucky one himself, at the time of the draw he was on a business trip and managed to check the ticket only two weeks after the draw, which took place on January 1, 2019.

Earlier, the organizers of the lottery said that the jackpot was divided between two players who purchased tickets in the Sverdlovsk region and St. Petersburg. 35-year-old Nikolai Miroshnichenko arrived in Moscow to process the winnings. The winner’s wife said that the lucky ticket was purchased shortly before the New Year: Since the summer, we still have the winning ticket for Russian Lotto. We all forgot to go get the winnings. Before the New Year, I was returning from the store and decided to change my ticket for a new one. The seller of the lottery kiosk offered me several to choose from, and I didn’t even know that a whole billion rubles was at stake. I left the ticket at home and forgot about the draw date. Spouses Miroshnichenko said they did not intend to drastically change their lives after receiving the prize. They plan to pay off the mortgage, financially help relatives and send part of the money to charity. The winners also plan to go on a trip abroad.

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