A film about the scandalous Baccarat Queen is being shot in the USA

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The topic of gambling, and especially poker, continues to be relevant for many filmmakers. More recently, viewers and critics have been actively discussing the film “Molly’s Game”, and soon a film called “Queen of Baccarat” will be released. The film will focus on the girl Chen Yin Sun, or Kelly, who is known to the players as the Queen of Baccarat.

The creators of the film said that they took the work of Michael Kaplan called “Baccarat Machine” as a basis. In the article, the author talks about the main tricks that allowed Kelly to professionally beat various gambling establishments in Macau and the USA, and earn millions of dollars on this. However, Kelia did not immediately start earning money in the casino. In the beginning, she gambled away huge sums of money she received as an inheritance from her father. Starting her career, Kelly left more than $20 million in various gambling establishments. But soon she decided to study all the intricacies of the game of poker, as well as the behavior of dealers, players and other people who are somehow connected with the casino. In 2012, Kelly also got into a scandalous story along with the legendary player Phil Ivey. It was reported that these players won more than $10 million at the Borgata gambling establishment. A defect in the back of playing cards helped them get such a huge amount. However, the casino owners studied the situation and sued them. Their actions in this gambling establishment were declared illegal. Poker players were ordered to return the winnings, as well as reimburse the casino owners for all losses that were spent on this trial. The filmmakers said that this story also has every chance to get into the new film. In turn, the producers of the film said that this story will be of interest to both professional gamblers and those who have never gambled in their lives.

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