A major change has taken place in the leadership of the UK gambling regulator

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Swansea University manager Andrew Rhodes has been appointed Interim Executive Director of the UK Gambling Council. In this regard, he will also become the acting CEO of the state gambling regulator in this country, replacing Sarah Gardner in this post. She received this position, according to My Lucky Story, after the dismissal of Nick MacArthur in March 2021. The contract with Rhodes is concluded for 18 months. It is known about the new top manager of the UK Gambling Board that he has worked for two decades in public and private structures (for example, in the Food Standards Agency). Regulatory Chairman Bill Moyes, who will retire in September 2021, said Andrew Rhodes has had a great career with strong leadership and experience in innovating the structures where he has worked. Rhodes will play a key role on the Council as it reviews UK gambling laws, Moyes said. As reported, Alexander Pechtold became the chairman of the supervisory board of the Dutch Lottery. Recall that Ryan Pace headed the Malta Gambling Authority.

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