A month after the opening of the first legal casino in Ukraine – results

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At the end of the second week of June 2021, a month after the opening of the first legally operating international-level land-based casino in Ukraine Shangri La, operator Storm International summed up the main results of its activities. Earlier in March of this year, My Lucky Story published information about how operators see official gambling from the inside. In an interview with Michael Boettcher, the founder of Storm International, two rather specific pieces of advice were given to the Ukrainian authorities on supporting legal gambling business on the territory of Ukraine. At their press conference after the first month of operation of their casino, representatives of Storm International spoke of their disappointment with the process of bringing gambling to the legal market. They also mentioned that quite a lot of gambling houses remained “in the shadows”. Not only related problems and difficulties were voiced, but also a kind of appeal to the Ukrainian authorities to reform the law on gambling in order to simplify the work of official market participants. Among the useful options for business was the proposal to abolish the taxation of players for cash prizes received and, of course, to actively fight against illegal gambling houses. It should be noted that the Ukrainian authorities themselves expected much more from the sale of gambling licenses.

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