A player from Romania won the biggest jackpot in 2018

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On November 2, the biggest jackpot of 2018 was drawn in Romania. The winnings amounted to 3.7 million euros.

The winning lottery ticket was purchased in the small Romanian town of Timisoara. And the cost of a lottery ticket was only 2.5 euros. The organizers have also confirmed that the lottery winner has correctly entered all six winning numbers (33, 7, 19, 47, 11, 25). The organizer of the lottery “6 out of 49” announced that the new prize is the largest in 2018. In total, five people were able to get the jackpot in Romania this year. Recall that in the Republic of Belarus announced the launch of a new instant lottery called “Eurogame”. The Eurogame instant lottery was launched in Belarus in order to attract additional profit, which will be directed to the development of culture and sports, including the Olympic and Paralympic movement.

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