A resident of Samara won a super prize in the lottery

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The circulation on March 9, 2021 was happy for a resident of the city of Samara. More than 5.8 million rubles were raffled off in the Sportloto 5 out of 36 lottery. The ticket was bought for forty rubles at the Red and White chain store and brought its owner 5,885,664 rubles. On the official website of Lotonews, the winner is congratulated and invited to the Moscow branch of Stoloto to process his big win. To do this, he will need to go through a simple procedure – submitting an application and checking a ticket on a special section of the site, and then you can go to the capital for money. Another pleasant and at the same time record winning was received by a Euromillions participant – in early March, the Swiss won 210 million euros in the lottery.

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