A resident of St. Petersburg won 4.7 million rubles on bets

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One of the largest winnings over the past week went to a resident of the city of St. Petersburg. On May 5, 2021, the better bet his honestly earned million on a football accumulator from totals, choosing reliable teams of favorites. Three strong teams participated in the bet – France, Portugal and Turkey. The coefficients were not very high, but they allowed the Russian to turn one million into 4,710,000 rubles. The matches were ambiguous and the better still had to worry a little about his, you see, rather big money bet. But the results justified all the worries, bringing the better 3.7 million rubles of net profit. Recall that according to My Lucky Story – the last few weeks have been very successful for Russian bettors – today’s lucky compatriot increased his budget by 4,303,348 rubles by betting on an accumulator online, two residents of the capital were also very lucky – one of whom got 4 .7 million rubles, and the second rate brought – 2,145,700.

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