A resident of St. Petersburg won more than seven million rubles

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The result of a single in one of the betting companies was declared a record for the current week. A resident of the city of St. Petersburg, whose name is not called, bet on the result of one of the matches of the Japanese Football League. We note that the better bet decided to risk three and a half million Russian rubles, the Russian made online for a total exceeding two and a half 205 goals. The coefficient of the rate was – 2.03. Apparently, this win cannot be called simple luck. The selected results, the better based on the statistics of away and home matches of both J-League teams – the Nagoya Grampus football club and Kawasaki Frontale, on the game of which he bet. The result of the bet is 7,105,000 in ruble terms. Recall that My Lucky Story is closely following such events and regularly informs its readers about the big wins of Russian bettors. So in the first ten days of May of the current 2021, today’s lucky countryman managed to turn his 400 thousand into 5,828,000 rubles by betting on a football express train, and a few days earlier, luck smiled at another Petersburger for almost five million Russian rubles.

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