A study was conducted in the UK on the impact of gambling advertising on gamblers

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According to the results of a study conducted by the British regulator, it became known that more than a third of six thousand respondents felt an incentive to play precisely because of watching gambling advertisements. Recall that the UK takes the issue of combating gambling addiction very seriously and introduces new measures to counter gambling addiction among the population. A social survey organized and conducted by the national regulator showed disappointing results. The report says that the leader in the so-called promotion were bonuses from betting companies – the opportunity to make a free bet affected 22 percent of respondents. The smallest figure of seven percent was for advertising in the “paper” media. Earlier, My Lucky Story informed its readers that the British authorities received an initiative to ban gambling advertising on television during the daytime. Note that this country spends more than 750 million pounds a year on the treatment of citizens with a gambling addiction.

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