According to the results of the auction for the right to lease the land will go to a company from Moscow

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The auction for the lease of land plots in the Yantarnaya Gambling Zone, located near the village of Kulikovo, held from May 24 to 26 this year, determined the winner. They became the capital company “SintezGroup”. Information that these auctions will take place appeared on the official website of the State Procurement on April 23, 2021. It should be noted that the applications, with the deadlines for submission of May 19-21, were submitted by only two applicants. According to the established rules, the lease term is a little less than five years – exactly 58 months to be exact. Among the main requirements is a clearly specified amount of investment – the amount should not be less than 300 million rubles per hectare of land, with the condition that the area of ​​​​the objects being built is not less than 4,999 square meters. The SintezGroup investor leases fourteen and a half thousand square meters. It is clear that the intended use of land in the Yantarnaya gambling zone is limited – the developer can place here casinos, entertainment centers, residential or hotel complexes, as well as related facilities. Let us also remind that the authorities of the Kaliningrad region earlier announced their intentions to lease the plots that are part of the Yantarnaya gambling zone, and the press service of the region announced the date for the start of the lease auction.

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