Alexis Kerry Ohanian – Serena Williams’ husband invests in bookmaking

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There was information that the husband of Serena Williams, one of the world’s tennis stars, Alexis Kerry Ohanyan, an Internet entrepreneur and investor, is investing in a new betting project. The size of his investment in the Wagr application, a cross between a social network and a betting service, amounted to four million dollars. Note that Mr. Justin Mateen, who is the co-founder of the well-known Tinder resource, is also throwing himself into the common cause. The Wagr project has been operating since last 2020, but at the moment it has some access restrictions. With the help of this service, “friends” in the application can make bets on sports events among themselves. The plans of the company’s management include setting a limit of 500 US dollars per bet. Previously, My Lucky Story published information that a large betting company, Parimatch, is selling the rights to its platform – that is, its old website. Another news from the world of betting – betting operator WynnBET has formed a sponsorship relationship with a team from Major League Baseball.

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