All gambling establishments will be closed in Riga

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In the near future, most gambling establishments in the capital of Latvia, with the exception of those located in four- and five-star hotels, may be closed, Mayor of Riga Nil Ushakov said.

On Wednesday, March 20, 2019, Riga Mayor Nil Ushakov instructed the legal department of the City Council, together with the development department, to prepare draft decisions on the annulment of all previously issued licenses for gambling halls, excluding only those gambling facilities located in four- and five-star hotels: Two years ago we have already made a decision to eliminate gambling halls in the historical center of the city. However, now we should pay attention to microdistricts. On March 21 this year, the Committee on Order, Security and Anti-Corruption in Riga will start studying this draft law. Also in 2017, the authorities of Riga decided to liquidate 42 gambling establishments throughout the historical center of Riga by 2021. In addition, since 2001, not a single license has been issued in Riga to open a casino, bingo halls, sweepstakes and other similar establishments. Supported the draft law and the inhabitants of Latvia themselves. Also, activists previously prepared a petition to ban all gambling establishments in Riga. This document was signed by ten thousand people. Recall that strikes are soon expected in Armenia, as well as protests related to the next amendments to the law “On Lotteries”, due to which the number of land-based bookmakers in the republic may drastically decrease.

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