Almost six million rubles was received by the Russian better for express train

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A successful client of one of the betting companies operating in Russia has become richer by five and a half million Russian rubles. The total amount of his winnings was 5,828,000. Let’s clarify the amount he bet – it’s four hundred thousand in ruble equivalent.

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The bet was placed on an express train of several football events for the semi-finals of the Europa League, which is currently underway – or rather, on the results of the first two semi-finals. As for the odds: the bet on Manchester United and Roma is 3.1; the bet on Villarreal and Arsenal is 4.7. The better put his 400 thousand on April 29 of the current 2021, we note that this month can be safely called successful for many Russian betters. Recall that My Lucky Story reported on the winning of a Muscovite in the betting shop, to whom the correct bet brought 2,145,700 in ruble equivalent, and about two Petersburgers, one of whom managed to win 4,710,000 Russian rubles, and the second 4,303,348 rubles for an online bet.

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