Almost two-thirds of the income came to the UK budget from 5% of players

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The results of calculations from the British NatCen have become known – the national center for social research on who and how gambles online, makes bets with bookmakers and which accounts are the most active. It should be noted that the most reckless gamblers were recognized as men of the age category from 40 to 50 years. The period from 2018 (July) to 2019 (June) was studied. Almost 150 thousand random accounts were analyzed. This monitoring was commissioned by the charitable organization GambleAware, which, in turn, actively helps people with gambling, especially during the pandemic. The audit revealed that 90 percent of online players made small bets, receiving or losing no more than 500 pounds per year, less than 1 percent of accounts were used for online betting, 1.2 percent of online casino players spent an amount in the region during the reporting period. five thousand pounds. It was they who made up the lion’s share of the profits. That is, 5 percent of players playing and losing large amounts of money accounted for 70 percent of all online operators’ gross profits. The amounts lost by the clients of bookmakers accepting bets online are also calculated: 0.4 percent lost from five to ten thousand, 0.2 percent – from ten to twenty, and 0.1 percent lost 20 or more thousand pounds during this period. According to the National University of Ireland, the cause of gambling addiction or gambling addiction is the interest in games constantly fueled by gambling operators and aggressive advertising of their product.

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