American Phil Ivey made many professional poker players worry

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Star poker player Phil Ivey from the USA, who has repeatedly won World Series of Poker tournaments, announced his return to Big Poker. This should happen, according to the card player, in September 2021, during the WSOP events. All the time, while not participating in professional poker competitions, was devoted to training, Ivey said. He says he’s in good shape and wants to make up for what he’s lost in poker over the last years of his retirement from the big game. Participation in the autumn WSOP tournaments, according to the poker player, will be a warm-up before the working regime. As My Lucky Story reported, another American World Poker Tour’s LA Poker Classic poker player Dennis Blyden stole $22 million from the company he worked for. It was previously reported that poker player Patrick Leonard from the UK earned $5,000 thanks to Belgium’s victory over Russia during the UEFA Euro 2020. Recall that English football coach Sam Allardyce wants to become the winner of the World Series of Poker.

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