An American celebrated Independence Day by winning almost a million and a half dollars in a casino

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We can say that a resident of California celebrated the national holiday better than other Americans. Arriving in the entertainment capital of the world, she visited the Sahara Las Vegas casino and won a jackpot of almost $ 1.4 million by winning it on one of the slot machines.

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The administration of the gambling house commented that this win is one of the three largest jackpots received by guests on the fourth of July, when Independence Day is celebrated in every state of America. On these dates, Las Vegas, for obvious reasons, welcomes an increased number of guests. The exact amount of winnings is 1,390,165 US dollars, the name of the slot machine that enriched the lady financially is “Buffalo Grand”. Now this day will be celebrated in the family of a woman from the town of Santa Clarita as a double holiday. Recall that in the second decade of June 2021 in the state of Wisconsin, a player hit the jackpot on a slot machine and turned $10 into a million. The day before, My Lucky Story reported that in one of the casinos in Las Vegas, a modest five-dollar bet made the client richer by $1,544,322.

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