Andrey Bochkovsky: Online casino “Kosmolot” does not belong to UNL

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UNL published information that they officially own the Kosmolot virtual lottery. However, the lottery operator stated that it had nothing to do with the online casino, which also offers its services under the name Kosmolot.

At a recent press conference, Andrey Bochkovsky, CEO of UNL, confirmed that they only own the Kosmolot lottery. But the so-called “the only legal online casino in Ukraine” is not their property. Previously, the illegal site was actively covered by the license that it allegedly received from the UNL: We can confirm that the virtual lottery is our property. However, all other online resources do not belong to us, and are apparently illegal. When information about other similar online sites appeared, we submitted a statement to law enforcement agencies. There they began to study this issue. Bochkovsky said that now all previously operating Kosmolot sites are frozen. Also, these online casino sites simply take players to a legitimate lottery site. Recall that the Ukrainian National Lottery continues to implement a program that should prevent the emergence of gambling addiction among citizens of Ukraine, said Andriy Bochkovsky, General Director of the lottery company.

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