Anton Kuchukhidze called the main problem for the operation and development of the gambling business in Ukraine

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The current head of the UGC – All-Ukrainian Gambling Council Anton Kuchukhidze expressed his expert opinion that it is shadow gambling that is the main problem for the work and development of legal gambling business in Ukraine today. As part of the fight against illegal gambling establishments, the independent authorities are taking new enhanced measures in order to completely bring the representatives of the gambling market to the legal level. This, according to analysts, will help not only make Ukraine more attractive for foreign partners and investors, but also improve the internal situation in the country. Official gambling is safer for Ukrainians and, of course, more beneficial for the budget of Ukraine. Previously, My Lucky Story informed readers about what new ways to protect Ukrainians from gambling addiction appear today. It also became known that the Ukrainian authorities did not adopt the bill on taxes for gambling and returned it for revision. In mid-June of the current 2021, the Ukrainian regulator CRAIL – the Gambling Business Regulation Commission introduced new rules for running a gambling business.

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