Argentine Hippodrome in Buenos Aires will accept online bets

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It became known that the authorities of Buenos Aires responded to the request of the metropolitan hippodrome “Argentino de Palermo” and issued a permit to the operator to conduct online gambling in order to save jobs during the period of quarantine restrictions. Recall that at the moment the work of the hippodrome, along with other gambling houses, was stopped as part of the protection of the population from the spread of coronavirus, by decree of the Argentine government. Now the operator will be able to accept bets online on its official, specially created website. In this way, the Argentino de Palermo Hippodrome will be able to make a profit and avoid a massive layoff of its employees. Another land-based gambling establishment, more precisely, the floating casino La Plata, can also receive a similar permit for online activities. Recall that all land-based gambling houses located in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires were closed back in March of the current 2021. My Lucky Story reported on the crisis situation of European gambling houses due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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