Atlantic City gambling opposes smoking ban inside casinos

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Social activists living in the territory of the gambling zone of Atlantic City, announced their fight against smoking in the casino. They announced their willingness to lobby to change the New Jersey state law, according to which it is allowed to smoke in Atlantic City gambling houses, in order to ban this phenomenon. According to public figures, casinos can operate without smoking indoors. This was clearly demonstrated by the activities of gambling establishments during the anti-coronavirus restrictions imposed by the state authorities. In accordance with them, the permit for smoking inside gambling houses was temporarily suspended, activists, who found support in the New Jersey Legislature, said. The New Jersey Casino Association, which represents the interests of nine Atlantic City gambling houses, complained that a permanent smoking ban in establishments would not only cause serious problems for the gambling industry and the state, but also put Atlantic City casinos at a disadvantage compared to gambling houses. where you can smoke. Atlantic City casinos guarantee clean and fresh air in their premises, for which filtration systems were purchased, the effectiveness of which was confirmed by experts, the association emphasized. My Lucky Story wrote that the authorities of New Orleans (Louisiana) introduced a ban on smoking in casinos (both in gambling halls and in bars at gambling houses). Earlier it was reported that the smoking ban is valid in the gambling establishments of Indianapolis (the capital of Indiana). Recall that the Macau authorities intended to ban smoking in the casino.

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