Australian public activists called on the authorities to ban the promotion of gambling

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The NGO “Gambling Reform Alliance” called on the Australian authorities to ban advertising of gambling, from which officials failed to protect the inhabitants of the country. The activists asked the Australian authorities to pay attention to how they act in other states, for example, in Italy, where they recognized the harm caused by gambling and the inappropriateness of gambling approval. In addition, the Alliance for the Reform of Gambling is unhappy with the fact that foreign betting companies operating on the Green Continent are getting richer during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the fact that these bookmakers in Australia pay low taxes on their activities. As NewsOfGamblin reported, the authorities of the Australian state of Victoria gave money for a three-year study of the impact of gambling during the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier it became known that in the state of New South Wales (southeastern part of Australia) it was proposed to introduce a special card for gambling enthusiasts in order, in particular, to take control of gambling operators. Recall that the above-mentioned “Alliance for the Reform of Gambling” four years ago said that Australia was gripped by an epidemic of gambling addiction.

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