Authorities demand the demolition of the former Trump casino through the court

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The administration of Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small filed a civil lawsuit in the Supreme Court last month to have the owner of the former Boardwalk hotel and casino immediately demolish it. The city initiated a lawsuit after parts of Trump Plaza’s façade broke off during high winds and collapsed onto the sidewalk. Officials and firefighters from the Atlantic City Department inspected the building after the incident and classified it as an “imminent risk to public safety.” City Fire Chief Scott Evans said the building had “five big holes” and that more panels would fall, posing a “threat to the surrounding area.” The owner of the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City says plans to demolish the nearly 40-year-old building are already in the works and that the city’s lawsuits to demolish it immediately are unnecessary. Trump Plaza is owned by a subsidiary of Icahn Enterprises LP, a diversified holding company managed by New York investor Carl Icahn. The building, built and formerly owned by current U.S. President Donald Trump, was one of four casino resort hotels that closed their doors in Atlantic City in 2014 as a result of fierce regional competition and oversupply in the local market. Trump Plaza was due to be demolished in the fall of 2018, but no action was taken by its owner. Atlantic City Mayor Small said earlier this year that one of his administration’s goals would be to remove “the city’s biggest eyesore.” The area around Trump Plaza has been fenced off to prevent pedestrian access to the building. However, Atlantic City officials say the measures taken are not enough to protect the public and ensure the building does not pose a major threat.
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