Bally Corporation launches mobile betting app in Colorado

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The Colorado gambling market has been updated. Bally Corporation went there. It launched its mobile sports betting app in this US region. Now the Bally Bet mobile application is still in test mode. It will be immediately improved after performance checks, representatives of the corporation assured. According to them, the launch of Bally Bet is only the beginning of what the company has in store for the US mobile betting market. This application has betting on the biggest sports, exclusive games and integrated social features (for example, gamblers earn points if they place bets and then spend these points in restaurants, shopping facilities, Bally casinos). Bally Bet will be launched in three more US states in 2021, and distribution of this mobile application in other regions of the US will continue in 2022, Bally representatives noted. As My Lucky Story reported, mobile betting has been legalized in New York State. Earlier it became known about the launch of a mobile application for sports betting by theScore gambling operator in the state of Illinois.

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