BC Liga Stavok and RPL will provide assistance to doctors who are fighting a dangerous virus

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It became known that the general partner of the RPL, the Liga Stavok bookmaker, intends to organize hot meals every day (lunch and dinner) for medical workers of the infectious diseases hospital in Kommunarka, as well as the maxillofacial hospital for war veterans, which was converted into a hospital for the treatment of patients with coronavirus. The press service of the Liga Stavok betting company told about this news. The current head of the RPL, Sergei Pryadkin, commented in detail on this joint action. He said that in such a difficult time for the country, any citizen must show his social responsibility. After all, the usual fulfillment of the requirement for self-isolation is already a huge help in the fight against the expansion of the virus. Pryadkin also noted that the RPL and its general partner also have social obligations and responsibility, and because of this, the Premier League and the Liga Stavov bookmaker decided to directly support doctors who work until they lose their pulse so that life in Russia quickly gets better. In addition, the President of the RPL stressed that he very much hopes that the rest of the gambling and sports companies will follow this example. After all, according to Pryadkin, only by uniting the Russians will be able to defeat the pandemic and cope with its consequences. Why did these organizations decide that it is hot food that medical staff lacks? The thing is that RPL and BC Liga Stavok turned to doctors, paramedics and nurses of two hospitals and concluded that today there are enough medicines and personal protective equipment, and the hospitals are fully provided with devices. But there are difficulties with catering for medical workers. Therefore, these institutions decided to supply hearty lunches and dinners directly to Moscow hospitals. Recall that the betting shops of bookmaker organizations will be closed until the end of quarantine, namely until May 1.
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