Belarus introduces regular amendments to gambling legislation

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Belarus will revise the current rules for conducting and organizing gambling, representatives of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties (MNS) report. The new draft law provides for the creation of rules according to which, in the future, the conduct and organization of gambling in the country will be carried out, officials said.

The documents that relate to the activities of bookmakers have provisions on the identification and registration of users, as well as on the provision of special bonuses to them. However, gambling business owners are not currently required to amend the rules in order to update them to take into account the new requirements in the law: Shortcomings in the law often lead to conflicts between players and those who organize gambling. The amendments made should help us eliminate all the gaps in the current legislation. The deputies said that from this year, the provisions regarding online casinos will also apply to bookmakers that offer their services online. Also from April, virtual casinos will become legal in the country. After that, a law will come into force, according to which everyone will be able to restrict their access not only to land-based gambling establishments, but also to online casinos.

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