Belaya Vezha casino closed in Minsk

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One of the oldest casinos in Minsk, Belaya Vezha, has suspended its activities for three months, until May 1, 2019. The management of the institution claims that the complex is closed for repairs, but the employees are sure that Belaya Vezha has finally stopped working due to debts.

Casino “Belaya Vezha” has been operating in the capital of Belarus since 2001. The owner of this entertainment complex is LLC “Plus”. On January 30, 2019, the management of this company announced that the Belaya Vezha casino was temporarily ceasing its activities due to repairs that would last about three months. But some employees of this gambling establishment also reported that Belaya Vezha was sold due to financial problems. However, there is no information on financial insolvency in the Unified State Register of the Republic of Belarus. Previously, the owners of Plus LLC sent an application for recognition of bankruptcy, but the court did not accept it. In February of this year, a statement of refusal appeared on the official website of the Supreme Court of Belarus. In addition, due to financial problems in 2008, this institution in the capital was also on the verge of closing, and last summer, many employees left this institution due to non-payment of salaries. In turn, Yuriy Chebotar, the former head of the complex, refused to comment, explaining his refusal by the fact that since January of this year he has not been working in this institution, and therefore he can neither confirm nor deny the information about the closure of the casino.

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