Berdimuhamedov decides who will be betting on horse racing in Turkmenistan

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In Turkmenistan, Altyn bedew joint-stock company will organize the sweepstakes. This will be a new company that will appear as a result of the reorganization of the state enterprise Goyumly oyunlar, hyzmatlar we üpjünçilik and which will be subordinate to the Turkmen Horses state association and the Ministry of Finance of Turkmenistan. The decree on the CJSC Altyn bedew (translated into Russian as “Golden Horse”) was signed by Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on April 16. According to the decision of the head of state, the share of Altyn bedew – 60% – will belong to the international Akhal-Teke equestrian complex (controlled by the NGO “Turkmen horses”). My Lucky Story wrote that in March 2021 it became known that Berdimuhamedov had approved a proposal to launch betting on horse racing in Turkmenistan. As reported, Alabama is moving closer to legalizing gambling as state legislators begin voting on a referendum bill that could see gambling approved in the region. Recall that to legalize betting in Maryland, only the signature of the state governor is needed.

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