Bets on delivery speed – unusual betting in America

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Information has appeared that an unusual type of betting has appeared in the United States of America – bets on the speed of delivery. Betting company DraftKings and local popular pizza chain Domino’s have teamed up to organize this Carside Delivery Over/Under Challenge.

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The guarantee of the pizzeria includes such a bonus point that if the delivery to you is delayed and you receive your order not at the appointed time, then you will get the second pizza for free. The scope of the new project has been expanded – now customers of Domino’s products can place a bet at the bookmaker on the following events: “he will be very late” or his treat will arrive “early”. Note that the amount of almost a thousand US dollars is at stake. If the client’s bet wins, he will receive a part of the above amount. Both the bookmaker and the customers of the pizzeria are watching how this promotion goes and whether it will turn into an interesting betting tradition. About what bets and bets are considered the most unusual and even curious, you can read in the previously published material – Seven of the strangest bets and bets. Earlier it became known that another attempt was made to legalize betting in the US state of Maine.

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