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We invite you to get acquainted with one of the most popular card gambling games. We will talk about Blackjack, he is blackjack and Black Jack, which in translation into Russian means Black Jack. It is played in all land-based and online casinos in the world. The top positions of blackjack are explained by the fact that the game has simple rules and strategies, a fairly high speed compared to other card games, and card counting that is understandable to everyone. Although I would like to note that in the USA the game took root quite difficult and for a long time, so American casinos introduced new rewards for players and looked for various game options in order to raise interest in Blackjack. The most cherished combination then began to be considered a pair of jack of spades and ace of spades – they gave the largest bonus for it. History of the game There are two main versions of the origin of this game. Some believe that it all began in the 15th century in Italy. In one of the sources, a mention was found of the game Trentuno – translated into Russian – Thirty One, whose rules are identical to modern blackjack, with the difference only in the number of points of an ideal combination in Trentuno – this is 31, not 21, as in today’s blackjack. The second version takes us to France, where in the 17th century the game “Vingt et Un” appeared in gambling houses, which literally translates as 20 and 1. But here the rules are different from the modern game. We make a simple conclusion that blackjack has European roots, and we do not argue about its homeland. Introduction to the game Blackjack Once again, I would like to add that Blackjack is a fairly simple game. It is played with a large deck of 52 cards in four suits. Cards are counted at par to the jack and ten points from the jack to the king. An ace is worth two variations – either 11 or one point. Today there are several variants of games based on the classic: American blackjack – American blackjack; Open Blackjack – Dealer Disclosure or Face Up 21; Blackjack Switch – Blackjack Switch; Double Exposure – Double Exposure, Spanish 21 – Spanish BlackJack; One SD deck – Blackjack SD; Super Fun 21 – Super Fun 21; Six-deck blackjack is a game played with a large deck of 312 cards in a shoe. And two main options: Basic Blackjack is a game in which one of the dealer’s (dealer’s) cards is open, and one is hidden – Hole card. European Blackjack – In this variation, your dealer will take the second card only when the set has been made by all the players at the table. Another difference is that in the European version, with a winning Black Jack combination in the hands of the dealer, the rest of the participants in the game get back all their additional bets, except for insurance. The most popular among blackjack games is the game with shoes – “shoe” is translated from English – shoe. This is a special device in which several, usually six or eight decks are placed, from which the croupier distributes cards. The purpose of the game – in simple words, Blackjack, as in principle, many other entertainments in gambling houses – is a game against the casino, which is represented by the croupier at your table. The goal of each player is to collect a card combination that is larger in total than that of the dealer, but not exceeding 21 points. You only play against the dealer. They play with a deck of 52 cards or several decks at once, as we have already said, cards up to a jack are valued at their face value, jacks, queens and kings “cost” ten points, and aces – one or eleven. Playing Blackjack for the First Time Let’s say you’re in a casino for the first time and you want to play Blackjack. We start by choosing a table. It should be borne in mind that we need not only a favorable environment at the table, but also a polite croupier. Be sure to pay attention to the plate with the indicated minimum and maximum – this is the minimum and maximum allowed bet size. On different tables they can be different. Do not touch the dealer in any way. When placing bets, exchanging chips or expressing gratitude in the form of a tip, we do everything contactlessly. The croupiers and players are always monitored by video cameras and casino internal security staff. Having chosen a suitable table, with a free seat or seats, we sit down and start the game. We decide how much we will bet, and put the chips on the box. Please note that when the first card is dealt, it is not allowed to touch or change your bet. The croupier will give you two cards face down, himself – one open and one face down. The goal of the game, as we said earlier, is to score more points than the croupier, but not more than twenty-one! In blackjack, each hand is played separately, that is, the “duel” takes place between the croupier and one player. When dealing, the following situations may arise – soft and hard hand, successful and unsuccessful: Soft Hand soft hand – the player has an ace in the set of cards, which can cost both one and 11 points. Hard Hand – a set without aces or with a hard ace, which is equal to only one. A lucky hand or Pat Hand is a situation where the cards are equal in total from 17 to 21 points. Unsuccessful hand or Stiff Hand – this is the name of a set of cards with a sum of 12 to 16 points. If you or your dealer has more than 21 points – this is an automatic loss – bust is called Bust. If the Blackjack combination is an automatic win. If both you and the dealer get blackjack, the game is tied. Black Jack combination Black Jack combination is 100% winning. If your first two cards are an ace (1 or 11 points) and a ten (10 points at face value) – you have Blackjack. The win for it comes immediately and with a bonus: in the ratio of three to two, that is, you will receive one and a half times more than you bet. In a situation in which the combination of Blackjack went to the player and the dealer, a draw will be announced – Push (push) – and the player will return his initial bet. If the Black Jack combination fell to the dealer, the player, having any other set of cards in his hand, loses, and the croupier automatically wins. Meaning of Basic Terms in Black Jack Let’s see what basic terms and words we can meet during the game and find out what exactly they mean. The croupier or dealer is an employee of the casino, the person with whom you and every player at the table play. The croupier deals cards, gives out and takes away chips. The player is you and any person playing at the blackjack table (any other casino game). Shoe or shoe in English shoe – a special device in the form of a box for card gambling, in which one or more decks are placed. Cards are dealt from the shoe during the game. Double or double down – in English Double Down – is translated as doubling the initial bet, but the player will be given only one card. Hand – The first two cards in the dealer’s or player’s hand. Weak hand – indicates a bad set of cards with a low probability of winning, a strong hand – good cards, with a chance of winning the player. Split – in English Split – also has meanings – breakdown, separation and splitting. This is the division of one pair of cards of identical value into two hands – two players. Tracking in English Tracking is the process of observing cards during a game in order to use the data obtained in the game loop. Cut in English Cut – the process of separating immediately after shuffling the deck in order to complicate the counting of playing cards. Done before the first distribution. Hit hit or Draw – both of these terms mean – “more”, that is, this is an appeal to the croupier to issue an additional card to the player. Shuffle in English Shuffle – shuffling cards in a random order before the start of the game. Bust is a bust – a situation where the player or dealer has more than 21 points means it is an immediate loss. One of the most common terms in the casino and in Black Jack, directly is a chip in English – the internal currency of the casino. Flat plastic round, octagonal or square shape. Each chip has its face value. They make bets, get a win if they win. Chips are exchanged for cash at the cashier. The Meaning of Signs Used in Blackjack The truly international language of the game of Blackjack is the specific sign language. At any table, you will be expected not only words, but also actions in the truest sense of the word. The players and the dealer will be watching your hand movements. Below, we’ll go into a little more detail on how to show what you want or understand the intentions of other players through certain gestures during the game. In this way, you can double the bet, ask for another card or split. Gesture Enough or Stand – indicates the player’s refusal from an additional card. If what you have in your hand is enough, place your cards so that their corner is under the bet chips. Until the end of the deal, do not touch your cards. Gesture More – aka Hit Hit or Draw – use it if you need another card. Let the croupier know what you are missing, so to speak – move your fingertips across the cloth next to you or behind the bet, as if you are scratching the table towards you. Keep your cards in your free hand. Gesture Double or Double down or doubling – Double Down. Indicates the desire of the player to double the original bet. We put a smaller or equivalent “amount” near the original bet. Lay your cards face up. The hand is clenched into a fist, the index finger is extended straight out (you show them that one card is needed). You can look at the card given to you by the croupier, or you can wait for the final hand. The rules of etiquette state that the additional card you receive and view must remain face down. Gesture Split or Split – division. We put next to the original bet an “amount” equal to it and open our cards – face up. We show the croupier two fingers raised up: index and middle, as a symbol of victory – victory, he will divide the cards. If you have a combination of Blackjack or Bust in your hands – a bust on points, you should turn over – open your cards: the croupier should see them. If 21 points in total, but not blackjack, we do not open the cards, put them in a corner under the bet and wait for the denouement. Tips for the Blackjack Dealer The dealer, as an honest person and casino employee, is motivated by the salary and your tips. Therefore, leaving the croupier with whom you played, gratitude in the form of “tea” is an unspoken rule of any casino and the etiquette of a player with a croupier. To tip after a pleasant game, whether you won or not, would be polite and elegant of you. You can simply move one or more chips to the croupier (by the way, it is not customary to give large amounts) with a polite comment: “For tea”. But we remind you that it is impossible to touch the croupier with your hands, so that the employees of the internal security of the casino who are watching everything that happens will not suspect him or you of anything. There is another way, but it is becoming obsolete due to its ambiguity, and awkwardness. We are talking about a “bet on the croupier” – the player puts the chips allocated to the dealer for tea on the table in front of his own and makes a bet marked “for the croupier”. The bottom line is that if the bet made wins, then the player and the croupier will win, and if the player loses, then the dealer will be left without his “thank you”. Very often, in modern gambling houses abroad and in Russia, tips from all croupiers are added to the so-called common bank during the day and later divided, taking into account the time worked, between the dealers of the shift. Useful tips for beginners in Black Jack Let us remind you once again that the main thing in the list of rules of casino etiquette and at the table in Black Jack, as in ordinary life, is politeness and caution. We do not touch the croupier with our hands, we do not interfere with neighboring players, we accompany the voiced decisions with gestures – so you will not have unnecessary questions from the guards and disagreements at the table. When making gestures or signs with our hands, we follow simple rules – all signals are “given” behind or on the side of the bet. You do not need to make them over a bet, over or in front of your cards. You should also take into account the fact that different gambling houses may have their own additional rules or restrictions, it is better to find out about this in advance – before the start of the game.

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