Bookmakers will offer games to attract new bettors

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Betting platform provider BtoBet and sports game provider Imprexis Gaming will launch free fantasy games ahead of the UEFA Euro 2020, which was postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the America’s Cup. The new content, which will be offered to bookmakers, will allow the offices using it to attract new customers. The companies offer both a basic football fantasy sports game with score prediction and a custom-made game with additional features (guess the top scorer, the number of fouls, and so on). In these games, bookmakers will be able to provide potential customers they want to attract with additional prizes and bonuses. Free games that bookmakers will be able to use will allow companies to invest reasonable money in acquiring new bettors, because now it takes fabulous amounts, BtoBet representatives noted. These products can attract even those players who are not passionate about sports, which will be beneficial for bookmakers who have suffered in 2020 due to the anti-coronavirus restrictions introduced in the world, emphasized Imprexis Gaming. Earlier it became known that LatinBet24 is launching cryptocurrency bets and online casinos in Peru. As reported, betting partners of Genius Sports Group will be provided with official information about Major League Rugby. Recall that the Cameroonian office Winnerbet will receive a new betting platform from Pronet Gaming.

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