Brazilian cybersportsman Flashlight stabbed a girl and reported it on the Internet

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In Brazil, 19-year-old esportsman Guilherme Alves Costa committed the murder of Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva’s girlfriend. The guy stabbed her, made a video of the crime and published the video on the Web. Detained by law enforcement officers, Guilherme confessed to premeditated murder. The reason for the atrocity, according to the media, was the refusal of 19-year-old Igrid to participate in the terrorist act planned by Guilherme. The murderer and his victim (also an esportsman) met on the Internet. He is known under the pseudonym Flashlight, she – as SOL. As previously reported, in a casino in Las Vegas, a client committed suicide due to the deprivation of free food by the administration of a gambling establishment.

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