British online casino operator Casumo fined $8 million

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The UK Gambling Commission imposed a £6 million ($8.23 million) fine on online casino operator Casumo following an audit in 2019. During the audit, the regulator found that Casumo did not comply with a number of procedures for the social responsibility of a gambling operator. Violations were identified by an audit that was conducted from October 2019 to January 2020. During the audit, the Gambling Commission found that the operator did not interact with problem players, did not check the sources of funds, and did not adequately check the documentation of the players. In addition to the fine, Casumo received an order to hire independent auditors. Despite the imposition of a fine, Casumo will retain its gambling license and continue to offer its services to UK customers. Earlier, the British regulator issued a fine of 3.4 million pounds to Intouch Games for complicity in money laundering.

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