British operators are asking for the creation of a gambling rights commissioner

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The UK government needs to establish the position of a gambling ombudsman. This call was made by the UK Betting and Gambling Council, which believes that such a step by the authorities will raise the standards of the gambling industry in the country. Representatives of the operators explained that at the heart of their business is a focus on customers, both in providing excellent entertainment and in ensuring their safety. Gamblers must be independent, and in case of problems with operators, they will be helped by a specialized ombudsman, representatives of the operators noted. They added that now the UK has already formed a system for handling customer complaints about gambling companies, but the emergence of a gambling rights commissioner will only improve this process. In their opinion, all operators legally operating in the country will have to register with the gambling ombudsman, whose position may be established as part of the ongoing revision of national gambling legislation. As My Lucky Story reported, the British authorities have increased the fees that gambling operators must pay to the state. Earlier it became known that in the UK they limited the age of participants in the national lottery draws. Recall that the UK government is hatching the idea to ban bookmakers from sponsoring sports teams.

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