Broken racket, fainting or hitting the referee. Tennisi accepts special bets on the match between Medvedev and Rublev

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Tennisi bookmaker accepts special bets on the Australian Open Russian quarterfinal between Andrei Rublev and Daniil Medvedev. The lowest coefficient is given for the fact that one of the players intentionally breaks the racket – 1.09. The fact that one of the players will make two aces in one game in a row is set at a coefficient of 1.45, for a medical time-out during the game – 2.2. The most fantastic bets: – the player will withdraw during the match – coefficient 11; – the match will end with a double fault – 11; – the players will not shake hands or hug after the match – 12; – “women’s tennis” (there are more double faults than aces) – 14 ;- the ball hits the chief referee – 30. The quarter-final match between Rublev and Medvedev will take place on February 17 and will begin no earlier than 7.00 Moscow time. Rane bookmaker announced that the world Yevgeny Kafelnikov became the ambassador of Tennisi.

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