Californian hit the jackpot on a slot machine in a Las Vegas casino

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A visitor to the Cosmopolitan casino in Las Vegas hit the jackpot when playing the National Lampoon’s Vacation slot machine. A man who came from California to celebrate his friend’s birthday earned $892,000 while having fun. It happened on March 12, American journalists learned. Earlier it became known that the Powerball lottery jackpot in the United States rose to 750 million dollars. This was facilitated by the growth in ticket sales for this game. As reported, the American won $1.5 billion in the Mega Millions lottery, of which only a one-time payment to the winner will be 878 million. Recall that an unemployed German hit the jackpot on the Mega Fortune slot machine – 3.5 million euros. Another happy event happened in the UK, where the player got one and a half million pounds after winning at an online casino.

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