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Information has appeared that the Latvian authorities are introducing new restrictions on the operation of land-based casinos and slot machine halls. The document was adopted by the Seimas at the end of June 2021.

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The decree contains age restrictions for customers of casinos and slot machine halls – now it is not 18, as it was before, but 21; a ban on the round-the-clock work of the above institutions is indicated; operators will be required to introduce a break in the work of the industry’s ground facilities at a single set time for everyone. The possibility is also being considered to prevent citizens who fit the definition of problem gamblers or with signs of gambling addiction from gambling entertainment. The list of new restrictions also included a territorial restriction – gambling houses and slot machine halls will not be able to be opened in a residential building, not far from preschool institutions and schools directly. It should be noted that the question of the influence of the proximity of the casino on the life of the population is being actively studied by Scottish sociologists. Recall that in mid-May this year, the Latvian Saeima rejected amendments to the restrictions on gambling proposed by the conservative party of Latvia. Earlier, My Lucky Story reported on the plans of the republic’s authorities to introduce a ban on alcohol in gambling houses.

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