Casino resort in Osaka has found a single investor so far

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Despite the extension of the application deadline, only one casino operator intends to participate in the development of an integrated resort in Japan’s Osaka Prefecture. According to the authorities of the region, a consortium of two companies became a candidate: the American MGM Resorts and the Japanese ORIX. Now the applicant must provide the central authorities of Japan with his concept for the development of a gambling entertainment complex. Previously, five more operators showed interest in opening a casino, but they fell out of the race. It is noted that an integrated resort with a casino will open on the island of Yumeshima, the project is estimated at 930 billion Japanese yen (equivalent to 8.43 billion US dollars). As My Lucky Story previously reported, three gambling and entertainment zones (integrated resorts) will open in Japan. Osaka, Yokohama, Nagasaki and Wakayama claim their placement. In addition, the Japanese authorities allowed nine gambling games and 22 combinations of them in future gambling establishments. Only cash will be used in the casino. Recall that five companies have applied for the construction of a gambling and entertainment zone in Nagasaki. The results of the competition will be announced at the end of the summer.

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