Casinos of the gambling zone “Primorye” summed up the results of the past 2020

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According to the statistics published on the official website of the Shambala casino, the past 2020 was not an easy year for the operator. But according to the leadership – the feat was accomplished. The casino opened, fully prepared for work and welcomed guests.

The pandemic has made its own adjustments to the list of countries from which guests came to Primorye: more than 60 percent came from Vladivostok, the remaining forty percent came from other regions of Russia. Yet there were foreign visitors – about four thousand from 24 foreign countries. The average daily casino attendance ranged from 400 to 700 people. A pleasant exception in 2020 was the opening day of Shambhala, and the current maximum number of guests in 2021 was observed at the time of the performance of the popular Russian singer Klava Koka – approximately two and a half thousand guests came to the casino that day. Representatives of Shambhala are set to work and this mood is optimistic, they are proud of what they have done in this difficult period for everyone and intend to catch up. Recall that work on the construction of a new casino company “Shambhala” in the gambling zone “Primorye” began in the summer of 2018. It is also known that at the end of 2020, Shambhala replenished the regional budget by 95 million rubles. Shambhala casino in Primorye – results of 2020

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