Center subsidies may slow down the process of legalizing online gambling in certain states of America

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According to analysts, the package of subsidies from the US federal budget signed by Joe Biden in the amount of $ 1.9 trillion can play a cruel joke on the issue of legalizing online gambling. In particular, experts note that in the total amount of federal subsidies, funds are provided to support state budgets in the amount of $350 billion. These are disparate amounts compared to local tax revenues from online gambling. Which, in turn, will lead to a drop in the interest of individual state legislators in considering relevant laws. So Truist Securities analyst Barry Jonas notes that sports betting is more acceptable to society than online games. In addition, local legislators see online gambling not only as a risk of growing gambling addiction, but also as the reason for a significant reduction in jobs in the gambling industry. At the same time, Brendan Bussmann, director of government relations at Global Market Advisors, believes that online gambling is a viable option and should be considered as an addition to land-based casinos. As previously reported, according to American analysts, more than 47 million Americans will take part in betting on the March Madness.

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