Chairman of CRAIl explained to Ukrainians where the money for gambling licenses goes

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The representative of the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries of Ukraine (CRAIL) is Ivan Rudy, who is the chairman of this organization. Published a message about the prices for licenses for gambling business in Ukraine and about the benefits of such sales for the population. The price limits for gambling operators were indicated, depending on the scope of their business – that is, different prices are set for an online operator and a land-based casino. For a casino, this is a fixed price of 60 thousand wages, which in hryvnia will equal 360 million. Additional revenues to the budget will also come from the licensing of special equipment. Ivan Rudy emphasized the fact that half of the gambling revenues go to local budgets – that is, 50 percent of the payment for all permits will remain in the region where the gambling establishment is opened. And another half will be sent to a specially organized fund for the development of sports, science and medicine in Ukraine. In Ukraine, gambling licenses are actively sold, many hoteliers upgrade their status to four stars in order to be able to host a casino or slot machine halls. My Lucky Story previously published a list of cities and hotels that have already received all permits.

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