Changes in the licensing of the gambling business adopted by the government of the Russian Federation

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On June 1 of the current 2021, it was officially announced that the changes in the registration of a gambling license in Russia were approved and will come into force at the end of September this year. The innovations will last five years – that is, until 2026.

Note that the standard documents required by a legal entity to obtain permits have not been changed. For the most part, the corrections were carried out during the design process itself and are related to the technical characteristics of the premises where gambling facilities are planned. Recall that only land-based casinos located in specialized gambling zones and betting organizations are legal in Russia. In the new document, the specific term licensee will appear instead of the previously existing term – license applicant. Recall that in May 2021, the government of the Russian Federation set new dates for the start of work of ERAI – the Unified Gambling Regulator in Russia. Earlier, My Lucky Story reported on the significant contribution of bookmakers to the development of sports in the Russian Federation – in six months, more than three billion rubles were received in targeted deductions.

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