Contribution to the Russian budget from holding lotteries is proposed to be doubled

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The lower house of the Russian parliament in April plans to consider the issue of increasing targeted deductions from lotteries in Russia. The bill provides for an increase in deductions to the state budget from 10% to 20% and a change in the directions of redistribution of targeted deductions from lotteries. The draft amendments to the Law “On Lotteries”, prepared by a number of deputies, were generally approved by the Government of Russia and recommended for adoption with modifications. As stated in the explanatory note, today the income of lottery operators is more than 40% of the turnover of the lottery industry, and the state budget receives only 3-5%. Also in the document, parliamentarians justify the change in the direction of targeted deductions in accordance with the previously approved Strategy for the Development of Physical Culture and Sports for the period up to 2030. As previously reported, a law on a single gambling regulator came into force in Russia, which will control targeted revenues to the budget.

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