Czech casino demands compensation from Facebook

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The large European gambling house “King’s Casino”, located in the Czech Republic, requires satisfaction and compensation in the amount of 20 million US dollars from Facebook for placing illegal advertising on its resource, more precisely, for the use of the brand by other people.

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According to the Czech news agency – Czech News Agency, the management of “King’s Casino” intends to go to court in order to compensate for the losses caused to the company by unverified advertising content. According to Leon Tsoukernik, this is the owner, so to speak, of the affected casino, some unknown citizens, whose details are not known today, used the company’s brand for fraudulent purposes, spreading deliberately false information on the pages of the social network Facebook. The violators took advantage of the promoted brand “King’s Casino” and under his name agitated users to make money transfers – opening deposits to non-existent company accounts. And here is the most important thing – the Czech casino “King’s Casino” does not work online – it is a land-based gambling house. To date, the situation has worsened due to the pandemic – the activities of this casino have been suspended. And since many gambling establishments continue to operate online, the attackers apparently decided to take advantage of the situation for their own enrichment. My Lucky Story continues to follow the developments and regularly reports on the situation and the impact of restrictions on gambling – it became known that the Swedish authorities plan to extend the restrictions on online gambling until November of this year. In some countries, land-based casinos are returning to activity, for example, from June 1, 2021, Las Vegas casinos can return to normal mode, observing the rules.

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