Czech gambling houses are allowed to accept customers

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Authorities have allowed all casinos in the Czech Republic to reopen from May 31st. Since anti-coronavirus restrictive measures have been relaxed in this country. Although, according to experts in the field of gambling, in some areas of the Czech Republic – for example, in Rozvadov – gambling houses were able to open a few weeks ago. However, now the permission to accept customers by gambling establishments throughout the country. At the same time, certain requirements for sanitary safety must be observed in the casino. In particular, visitors are required to present a certificate of absence of COVID-19 or a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus infection, customers must wear protective masks. Gambling houses must ensure that the distance between guests is maintained. As My Lucky Story reported, casinos in Poland have been reopened since May 28, 2021. Before that, as it became known, restrictions on the work of gambling establishments in Massachusetts were lifted. Recall that casinos in British Columbia (Canadian province) will be able to open, possibly by July 2021.

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