Deductions from bookmakers for the Russian Football Union tripled in 2020

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In 2020, Russian bookmakers paid out 700.9 million rubles in favor of the Russian Football Union (RFU). The minimum amount of targeted deductions turned out to be three times more than in 2019. According to the report of the RFU, the total revenue of the organization amounted to three billion 700 thousand rubles. Most of the total income comes from the sale of media rights (2.5 billion rubles). We add that in 2020, the rules for deducting earmarked contributions in favor of sports leagues and federations have changed for bookmakers. Now bookmakers must pay deductions for all competitions on which they accepted bets. As My Lucky Story previously reported, several Russian sports federations came up with a proposal to change the system for distributing bookmaker deductions for sports betting. We add that the initiators, in particular, believe that the sports organization should receive income from the accepted rates of bookmakers on the results of competitions organized by the federation in this sport. Earlier, in 2019, the government of the Russian Federation developed a law on the creation of a complete list of events on which bookmakers will be able to accept bets.

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