Discussion of prospects for Russian betting and sports with the advent of ERAI

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At the meeting held in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, questions were raised about the prospects of betting companies that will now work with the new ERAI regulator – the Unified Gambling Regulator in the Russian Federation. Experts figured out how the appearance of the body will affect the development of sports in the country and the activities of the bookmakers themselves. They also discussed the direct role of bookmakers in the SRO processes. According to Nikolai Oganezov, one of the leading figures and experts in the Russian betting business, the creation of ERAI will benefit everyone, provided that the parties involved are honest and transparent. Experts noted that there are points that need amendments or improvements. Recall that the first names on the list of the Supervisory Commission of the Unified Gambling Regulator in Russia are already known. Also, the My Lucky Story edition informed its readers that the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin signed a document clearly regulating the work of ERAI.

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