Distribution of targeted deductions from Russian gambling – expert opinion

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At the fifth specialized international conference “Marspo” – a conference on marketing of sports federations, leagues, clubs, tournaments and sports facilities, the head of the betting company “BetBoom” Konstantin Makarov emphasized the importance of the optimal distribution of incoming targeted deductions from Russian gambling.

According to the expert, we note that Mr. Makarov has been holding leading positions in the gambling industry since the mid-2000s and is a candidate of legal sciences, ERAI – the Unified Gambling Regulator in the Russian Federation, should approach the issue of resource allocation very carefully. It is impossible to allocate money only for popular, high-profile sports, so to speak. All branches of physical culture and sports, without exception, need support. But there are those who need help in the first place, and these facts must be taken into account by the Unified Regulator. Recall that the start of the work of the new ERAI regulatory body is scheduled for October 1, 2021. It is also worth noting that the amount of targeted deductions only from betting organizations in Russia reached the figure of 3.25 billion rubles for six months of the reporting period.

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