Dominican authorities investigate local lottery scams

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It became known about a large-scale investigation aimed at checking the activities of employees of the national lottery of the Dominican Republic, who are suspected of cheating, so to speak. As part of the investigation, police officers are checking videos of broadcasts of pranks over the past ten years. Specialists began working on them after the director of the same lottery turned to the prosecutor’s office about a possible fact of fraud in the circulation that took place on May 1 of this year 2021. On the air, there was a collapse with the numbers of balls taken out of the lottery machine “blindly” – the presenter took out ball number 13, then ball number 69, and then (this is a trick) another ball with an unlucky number for lottery employees – 13. And so , however, cannot be. The Dominican media reported that the estimated number of individuals involved in organizing the fraudulent scheme ranged from 27 to 30 employees. Seven of them are already under investigation. The amount that could have been illegally obtained by the participants of this lottery in the draw of May 1 reaches 150 million in local currency. Earlier, My Lucky Story reported that the Kyrgyz authorities received a proposal to change the lottery legislation. In the meantime, the Irish authorities began testing their National Lottery, and the state of Idaho nevertheless resumed the activity of the Powerball lottery.

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